The Seed

13900243_1207717895916021_1423205844756629289_nThe Seed


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My next Art Retreat in Spain

My focus is very much about the transformative power that creativity and making art produces. I often work alongside other artists to create my art retreats in Spain. The healing effects of working from the imagination, group work, with people creating alongside one another and interacting in the studio cannot be underestimated. We combine arts such as movement, storytelling, and music with painting and drawing.
To learn more about my next art retreat, ‘The Seed Retreat’ on October 1st 2016, please visit my website:

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Under the Ochre Moon

Ochre Moon

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The last time I saw Marcus

The last time I saw Marcus  was on the south bank in London in November 2013 when we met again for a coffee at the Royal Festival Hall.  We talked all day, it was emotional, and we laughed and talked and sat and watched the river and the London skyline and when we said our goodbyes at Waterloo station, I knew I would never see him again.

We met for the first time at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham, Wiltshire.  We were both studying fine art and I was in my final year and he was in his first year.  I saw him wheeling his bicycle into the sculpture school.  A beautiful boy with black glossy hair and a leather cap.  Our romantic relationship began shortly afterwards.

Marcus Waterloo. Somebody so unique it’s hard to find the words. Marcus was sweet, gentle, handsome, eccentric, ethereal, probably the most ethereal man I have ever met, known or loved. He was the first person to really teach me how to look and listen and just Be in the moment. We were young.  We once climbed to the roof of Corsham Court to watch the dawn. We had apples and a telescope. It was magical.  He was elusive, he painted with a lot of white and there really always was something otherworldly about him. Something not of this place. He was like Peter Pan.

Marcus was a wonderful cinematographer, director, photographer and artist who lived on a Dutch barge on the Thames. Marcus Waterloo. There has never been anyone with a cooler name or sweeter heart. Bless him.

The last email I wrote him:

To: marcus waterloo
Subject: Thank you

Dear Marcus,

Somehow I feel like something transformative happened after our meeting and I felt very at peace but also emotional but calm. Driving back from the station I drove past a place which was on fire and was turned around and had to drive another route through the dark of the countryside.
It reminded me of the scene in Mirror.   I returned and my boys were still up and then we all went to sleep.  I just awoke from the most incredible dream where you and I were still sitting by the Thames at night. Suddenly there were shooting stars and we saw the aurora borealis accompanied by sounds, deep sounds from the earth and space. There was the shape of an angel in the lights in the sky and then more shooting stars which turned into fireworks, (of course yesterday was 5th Nov..).   The dream was so real and profoundly moving and I awoke with a racing heart.

I came downstairs at 4. 14.  I think you are an Earth angel. That is why you prefer to journey through life on your own terms.  Somehow, seeing you made me cry and I still am crying, tears of release that maybe I have needed to cry for a very long time.  Fires, forest fires are symbols of renewal. I do feel like there is profound spiritual change in the air. I have always wanted to see the aurora borealis and maybe one day I will. But I saw it in my dream just now with you and it was very real.

What can I say.  I just know that maybe all of life is some kind of dream and have always felt this since childhood and I am so glad you came into mine.

I wish you everything beautiful and more and if we have that cup of tea again one day, that would be wonderful, but if we have to wait a few years til it happens again, that is also fine. May you always be free and unconstrained and your heart be free to soar.   You are meant to be free.

Just know that our meeting meant so much to me.

I am going to send that photo of us, but not sure how to attach it.

With huge love,

Alice xxxx.

Photo credits:  Marcus portrait 1986 by Tracie Peisley
Marcus and me, taken on my ‘phone 2013 by Marcus
Me in my flat in Bath 1986 by Marcus Waterloo.


Marcus passed away on 11/7/16.  Numerologically this is a number 9, and 11 and 7 are very spiritual numbers.  Number 9 is noted to mark the endings of cycles and  new beginnings. 2016 is a 9 year.

I didn’t know it was the day he passed away, but that day I took a photo of a huge feather cloud passing over my garden with a full moon in the sky in daylight.  It was like a giant angel feather.


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The Orange Tree Sun

orange tree sun 1

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Lovers and Red Mountains


Last night my Beloved
was like the moon, so beautiful!
He was even brighter than the Sun.
His grace is far beyond my grasp.
The rest is silence.
~ Rumi


Painting:  Lovers and Red Mountains, copyright Alice Mason 2016

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Sun Tree Hill


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Recent paintings. Bird and Pink Mountains.

This gallery contains 9 photos.


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Blue Angel with Butterflies

Blue Angel with Butterflies


This painting was made in response to a series of world events which deeply unsettled the universal psyche.  I wish to connect to light and love, therefore I decided to paint another Angel.  This time a blue angel, as blue and violet are some of the most healing colours.  Butterflies represent a higher spirituality and otherworldliness.  It is almost the summer solstice and a full moon is approaching.  Energies feel pretty intense right now, so I feel it’s important for me to paint as much as I can, stay grounded, walk in nature and breathe the sea air.

Here is a link to this painting in my Etsy shop:

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The Seed

The seed cannot know what is going to happen, the seed has never known the flower. And the seed cannot even believe that he has the potentiality to become a beautiful flower. Long is the journey, and it is always safer not to go on that journey because unknown is the path, nothing is guaranteed. Nothing can be guaranteed. Thousand and one are the hazards of the journey, many are the pitfalls – and the seed is secure, hidden inside a hard core. But the seed tries, it makes an effort; it drops the hard shell which is its security, it starts moving. Immediately the fight starts: the struggle with the soil, with the stones, with the rocks. And the seed was very hard and the sprout will be very, very soft and dangers will be many. There was no danger for the seed, the seed could have survived for millennia, but for the sprout many are the dangers. But the sprout starts towards the unknown, towards the sun, towards the source of light, not knowing where, not knowing why. Great is the cross to be carried, but a dream possesses the seed and the seed moves. The same is the path for man. It is arduous. Much courage will be needed.



Early details about my next art retreat in Spain on link below.  More to follow.


Painting:  Three Graces and Flowers: Copyright Alice Mason

Three graces (4)



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